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My Salt Chlorinator Is Not Working


Loading... Regarding above ground pools, it’s debatable whether the low-maintenance aspects of the system outweigh the impact that the salt water has on the metal wall structure of the pool. ft. The intellichlor is registering all green-power, flow, cell, and salt levels are all good.

The local pool supply said the cell was bad. I live in Michigan and half the pool gets morning sun and the other half afternoon sun. Is there a master reset that I might try? Loading...

Salt Cell Not Producing Chlorine

How do i diagnose? Factors that impact Chlorinator Cell Life A well maintained cell will last 3-7 years at an average replacement cost of $700-$1100. Most salt cells last from three to five years, so if you've been operating the same cell for seven years, that is very good longevity.

The type of system you have can be found on the door of the main control box, next to the serial number. Using the salt cell too much increases scale, and may cause premature cell failure. I keep my CYA around 40. 20'x40' Oval 27,000 gallon Vinyl IG, Coverstar Auto Cover 1HP Sta-Rite Pump, 30 sq. How To Tell If Salt Cell Is Bad Scale Formation Scale is a common problem in salt pools because high pH provides the right environment for calcium to "fall out" of water and onto surfaces, pipes and equipment –

saying no cell power dose this mean salt cell is bad/ Erin Before we cleaned the cell, there was an error code of 91, but were told that cleaning it could How To Test A Salt Water Chlorinator Cell If you're referring to the plate inside the cell, you will need to replace the cell with an entirely new T-Cell-15. The primary function of the control board is provide electricity to the cell, and allow the user to control how much electricity is sent to the cell, thus controlling how much PoolSupplyWorld Hi Jonathan, thank you for your question regarding salt cells.

Sign in Transcript Statistics 19,172 views 13 Like this video? Salt Water Chlorinator Cell Problems A Few Thoughts To Consider How Much Dirt Comes Out Of A Pool Excavation?(Jobsite Video) Inground Pools and Ground Water: How To Manage A High Water Table Video Will I Need Is it plug and play? jeff mueller i have a turbo cell 15 that i need to replace.

How To Test A Salt Water Chlorinator Cell

When pool water temperatures drop below 60 degrees, the IntelliChlor reads the salt conductivity level, which displays as much lower than your pool's actual salt content and may cause the light Thanks Mike I just bought a CompuPool Replacement Cell for Autopilot SuperCell SC-60/DIG-60. Salt Cell Not Producing Chlorine My biggest clue that there may be a problem with feeder is that my cya level hasn't risen, despite adding conditioner twice(once at pool opening to make cya 0-20, again a How To Tell If Salt Cell Needs Replacing We would also recommend having your pool water tested for its actual salt reading.

would it be reasonable to just change my cell or is the board bad? 2300 after reset 2900 76 77 30.9 25.9 0.00 45.7 56P 56P -0 -2200 AL-0 same r1.40 Thank you. If this light comes on or you think your cell is not producing chlorine, remove the cell and inspect it. If you have a Hayward Goldline or CompuPool generic T-Cell-15, you can refer to our Aqua Rite Turbo Cell Recalibration blog for a step-by-step guide on recalibrating your cell. How To Tell If Salt Water Generator Is Working

Tags: salt chlorine generators, General Pool Maintenance Leave A Comment! A day or two the lights were still illuminated so I took a sample to get it tested just to make sure my chemical levels were right. Thanks! 27K gallon, IG vinyl pool, SD80 Sand Dollar sand filter-Michigan, 1hp pump Reply With Quote 07-23-2013,11:34 AM #2 woodyp View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Mod Squad Join I turned it to Super Chlorinate and that light does stay on along with the check salt and inspect cell lights.

Also, check your voltage to make sure that your system is installed correctly. Salt Chlorinator Cell Voltage What will I need exactly? The easiest way to do this is to test your water balance regularly for the pH and chlorine levels.

I'm not sure how old the cell is but when the water test came back it showed no chlorine.

This is a phosphate-free product that controls and prevents calcium buildup to prolong the life of your salt cell and significantly reduce maintenance (such as acid washing). You may have to recalibrate your system, and we have a step-by-step guide to doing so with our "How to Recalibrate Your Hayward Turbo Cell" blog. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. How To Test Pool Salt Cell Terminal corrosion can be removed with an old toothbrush dipped into an acid solution.

You can most certainly replace your current IC40 cell with the Pentair IntelliChlor Chlorine Generator Replacement Cell (20K Gallons / IC20P), as both cells use the same power center. certain areas in the US are prone to high calcium hardness in the source water? A replacement board is highly recommended, and the correct replacement you will need is the Hayward Pool Products Inc. Please give us a call if we can answer any other questions, we're always happy to help!

Is this something that can be serviced, or do I need to jsut replace it? New technology in salt systems may also sway your decision to repair or replace your salt chlorinator. It is recommended that you use the new 2-1/2″ unions included with the replacement 3-Port Cell Kit when modifying your plumbing. Jeff my pump is on a timer but my goldline salt generator is not will it damge my gen to just leave it on when the pump is off do I

Basic Salt Cell Troubleshooting 1. After that is when we will know if the Autoclear is maintaining that level or not. Patrick I am looking to replace my Hayward Goldline salt cell. You should first check the voltage to the cell.

It may also have other tests to help isolate your problem. It will be helpful to know which boards are acceptable replacements. Do I need to replace the back board? kind of depends on your CYA level and sun exposure.

This easy to use and easy to install cell is perfect for larger residential and smaller commercial pools up to 40,000 gallons. Salt cells generally last from three to five years when properly sized and maintained. Check for a tripped circuit breaker or GFCIoutlet test button. I have cleaned the generator.

I took it off and cleaned it. Also SCG readings are not always accurate, so only use them as a general indication of where you pool's salt level is. This is going to be the third time that I'm replacing the cell. It shows error code 91.

Thanks for visiting, comments and questions always welcome! Also the generating light goes out after about 2 min. I called pentair and they told me to replace the pcb board ($200 plus labor).