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Mouse Not Working On Ubuntu 7.10

Windows 8 Enterprise 64 qemu-kvm-devel-1.1.92 3.7.0-rc2 AMD 64 Works using 2CPUs and 1GB guest RAM, latest virtio drivers work fine. USB keyboard doesn't work in graphical menu install. F5inet (f5inet) wrote on 2006-03-19: Re: [Bug 35530] USB Keyboard not working #2 i don't think so, the bios is detecting and working with USB Dongle & keyboard (USB Keyboard Support The keyboard Genius KB-06X, PS/2, all Op. have a peek here

by Alexey.E. Now it should work 100%. Most of the hardware environment is emulated so you will most likely not get all their features. Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen) wrote on 2006-05-08: #4 I have a problem which somewhat resembles this.

From there the text install went fine, and the keyboard and mouse work fine. USB keyboard works in BIOS configuration so boot USB support is working. I tried out the Tribe 4 and Tribe 5 releases, and the keyboard is non-responsive at the boot menu; as described above.

Windows 7 Professional (Final) 64 qemu-kvm- ARCH-2.6.32 AMD 64 Works using 2CPUs and 2GB guest RAM Screenshot Windows 7 RTM 32, 64 kvm-88 Intel 64 Works Installs and works with 1GB Remove graphical GRUB. P.S.: The support has become sh. From there I will see what I can do to fix my mouse, but at least get me started on that if you would.

This is for typing in a LUKS passphrase (this happens in the initrd), once the system has started (ie. Hardy-8.04 contains Syslinux-3.53. From the CD menu of Virtual PC, select "Use Physical Drive D:" (where D is the drive letter of your CD drive in Windows). xoc (xoctor) wrote on 2008-01-04: #18 Same problem here with 7.04 and 7.10 live or alternative CDs on a Dell Dimension E520.

Requires noacpi in boot options Fedora 1 32 qemu-kvm-0.12.3 Intel 64 Crashes by Patrick.M. by Alexey.E. Edit bug mail Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else Bug attachments "lsusb -v" output for my DELL keyboard (edit) Add attachment Remote bug watches mandriva #31630 [RESOLVED WONTFIX] Edit Bug watches This only seems to be a problem when attempting to start initially from CD.

I've tried the Live CD but it comes up with a blank screen after the initial main menu…need help here…thanks. check this link right here now Retromingent (ray-rwalk2730) wrote on 2008-05-20: #23 I have the same problem. Press ESC to enter the GRUB configuration (if you didn't press ESC in time, simply go to Action > Reset to reboot the VM).In the GRUB configuration, make sure the first a USB Mouse/keyboard combo in a USB 1.1 controler.

If the mouse is an optical or laser mouse, a light should be shining out of the bottom of the mouse if it is turned on. http://amptools.net/mouse-not/my-ps-2-mouse-not-working.html The more RAM you assign the faster Ubuntu will run, but your "host" Windows install will have that much less RAM while the virtual machine is running. Windows Server 2003 x64 64 kvm-72 Intel, AMD 64 Works by Alexey.E. (setup is unstable, rerun several times) Windows Server 2003 (Enterprise) 32 kvm-72 Intel 32, 64 Works by Alexey.E. csola48 (mail-csordaslaszlo) wrote on 2007-10-30: #6 Ubuntu from 7.04 my machine does not recognize it booting the keyboard.

i'll try now... I can use it, but the speed is far to high. Once the text based installer was running the USB keyboard worked OK. Check This Out Fedora 8 32, 64 kvm-85 Intel, AMD 64 Works by Alexey.E.

Once install completed and downloaded the security updates (and installed), upon restart the OS never came back up. Attachments VBox.log (27.5 KB) - added by jc_hans 9 years ago. Sun takes over and suddenly the support has been changed, and why ?

I guess it's the way it has to be, if you have and AMD 64 x2 TK-55 processor with 1.8GHz Replying to frank: Please could you explain me the sentence ...

Select "n" for no. Tested 1GB, 8GB and 16GB RAM on guest using virtio drivers. Windows 2000 Advanced Server 32 kvm-44 Intel 64 Works use Qcow2 format. OpenBSD 4.0 64 kvm-12 Intel 64 Works OpenBSD 4.0 32 kvm-16 + CVS Intel 64 Works FreeBSD Guest Guest bitness Host version Host cpu Host bitness Status Comments FreeBSD CURRENT 32,

Ps/2 keyboard + USB mouse = #@$%* Carlos Parra Camargo (carlospc) wrote on 2007-06-08: #5 Same here in an edgy based distro. Reply Guest says: June 28, 2010 at 4:17 amHi,Facing the same problem of yours……………Did u got any solution??? Click Forward.Review the installation summary and click Install to load Ubuntu on your virtual machine. this contact form Both these episodes gives nothing in the /var/log/messages and friends so I'm not sure if this is really any helpful at all.

In case some mouse buttons or scrollwheels don't work (as expected) Provide the general information. Thanks again.http://cracks.host.sk Reply Paul Nancarrow says: April 8, 2008 at 10:10 pmAny tips for how to do this with an already existing Ubuntu installation in a separate partition of the hard Enter the following command in a terminal: dmesg > ~/dmesg Attach as separate attachments to your bug report ~/dmesg and your /var/log/Xorg.0.log. Reply Michael Craddock says: February 24, 2008 at 2:37 pmOne thing I neglected to mention in my previous post, and that is about the installation of Ubuntu Linux.

SUSE Linux 10.0 32 kvm-64 Intel 64, 32 Crashes, Workaround exists Start kvm with -no-kvm for installation. so i uninstalled it from within windows but the REALLY UGLY thing is that it wont uninstall the boot menu, so now i have to wait 30 seconds until the countdown ReactOS 0.3.0 32 kvm-14 AMD 64 Works FreeDOS 1.0 32 kvm-71 Intel 64 Works MS DOS 6.22 32 kvm-88 Intel 64 Works Works with "-cpu qemu32". openSUSE 10.3 32 kvm-57 AMD 64 Works by Alexey.E.